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The new age of digital marketing is heavily dependent upon authentic connections; People buy from people! By providing quality and consistency, you will gain the trust of your audience and establish yourself as an expert in your field. Regardless of your publishing platform, whether it’s YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, high-quality videos offer your target-group value, which is the key to maintaining long-term client relationships; the secret behind a successful business. 
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Starter Episodes


Per Month**
  • Strategy consultation
  • 2 YouTube video per month (approx. 5 minutes each – you talking to the camera)
  • 2 Check-In Sessions per month (1hr each)
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Gold Episodes


Per Month
  • Strategy consultation
  • 3 YouTube videos per week (approx. 5 minutes each – you talking to the camera)
  • Up to 5 text or logo insertions per video
  • Thumbnail with text for each video
  • Snap of each video (short square format extract with title and logo to share on Facebook and Instagram)
  • Weekly Check-In Session (1hr)
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* VAT might be added **Minimum 3 Month


  • Appointment

    Make an appointment for your free strategy consultation call (Skype, WhatsApp or phone) via the contact form below.

  • Strategy and Concept Consultation Call

    Experienced content marketing strategists will help you develop a goal-oriented strategy that is consistent with your brand vision.

  • Booking

    Explore our service packages displayed above and choose one that suits your need best! Contact below for additional questions or elite services.

  • Equipment

    Technical experts will assess your production specifications and provide technical support suited to your needs. Equipment suggestions, lighting, and audio included, regardless of your current production device — in many cases, a simple Smartphone is the way to go!

  • Setup

    Video support for the physical set-up of your production; complete with systematic instructions for recording, operational checklists, and suitable mobile-locations. Feel prepared and supported to film anywhere, anytime!

  • Episode Concept

    We’ll write an easy, recurring concept that help you building your episodes in a way your fans know exactly what to look forward to.

  • Start of your show

    You get access to your cloud folder, where you can upload your footage with just a few clicks and where you can always find the finished episodes on time.
 Of course, your contact person is still available for questions and Check-In Calls on a regular basis to make sure your episodes are going to be a huge success!


dominate the the market through frequent high quality video content


Frequently Asked Questions

Jannis Riebschläger founded Excellence Episodes.
Jannis is a professional film producer. After producing a feature film that was shown in cinemas all over Germany, he founded a production company for modern commercials and corporate films that helps entrepreneurs achieve their goals with the help of high-quality videos. At the same time, Jannis founded the German online film school Easy Movie School, where he teaches film production to other film enthusiasts.

Jannis quickly realized that while his graduates achieved fantastic video results, serious online entrepreneurs building a professional YouTube channel don’t have the time to spend several hours editing videos every week. Therefore, Jannis created Excellence Episodes to provide a solution for entrepreneurs who want to utilize professional content marketing while working ON not IN their business. Meanwhile, the team comprises more than 20 top trained people, worldwide.

A video show is similar to a TV show, a show with regular episodes structured according to the same pattern, published on an online platform such as YouTube or Facebook. Due to the regularity and the same structure, the fan base is optimally built up and your subscribers are looking forward to every new episode.
An episode is a video of a ongoing series of videos that are structured according to the same pattern, published on an online platform such as YouTube or Facebook. Due to the regularity and the same structure, the fan base is optimally built up and your subscribers are looking forward to every new episode.
Excellence Episodes is not about the quick money, but about achieving a sustainable fan base that will take your products out of your hands for years. To build such a channel you should plan one year. Many of our clients already reach a solid fan base after about half a year, but it is important that you give yourself time and not turn around like a blind swimmer just before reaching the opposite shore and close your channel after a few months because you still don’t have millions of subscribers.
Yes! With a few tricks and about 200 grams of additional equipment, you can record impressive videos yourself with your smartphone!
When setting up your video show, we put together the best equipment list for you individually.

You’d be our first client for whom it’s not weird to speak in front of the camera in the first few days. Don’t worry! With a little practice, talking to the camera is no different than telling friends something. You don’t have to speak “perfectly”. Just be yourself. You can make mistakes, like in normal conversation. That makes you authentic and tangible. Should you ever lose the thread or have to look into your notes, the editing team is on hand to cover up the break with a skillful camera-cut trick.

Tip: If you publish only once a week or less, still record a video every day for the first 10 days. You don’t have to publish them on your channel. You can use them to tell your friends about your crazy weekend or wish your mother a happy birthday. You’ll notice how quickly it’ll be easier for you.

There is no right and wrong here. Just keep in mind that your ideal client wants to feel addressed by you.
Whether you want to use formal or informal language is a target group question. Think about it: Whom do you want to address with your videos? CEOs of conservative multibillion-dollar companies? Teenagers on the brink of graduating from high school? Modern, global entrepreneurs? Then think about how you would approach these people if they asked you for coaching in private.
You can also follow this approach with all further considerations, e.g. the choice of clothing or the design of the studio. In the strategy call, we will go into this in more detail and clarify all questions.

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